Commercial Construction

Exceeding Expectations is Our #1 Priority

The Sweetlund Group applies world class construction expertise to each project resulting in efficient, aesthetically pleasing design.

Throughout every step of the development process, The Sweetlund Group works in close relationships with tenants as well as the municipalities to create sustainable projects that are profitable to build, operate and maintain. 

Commercial Construction by the Sweetlund Group in Tampabay Florida.The Sweetlund Group's resume consists of:

  • High-rise condominiums
  • Multi-family town homes and apartments
  • Retail tenant build-outs
  • Car dealerships
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Schools
  • Public municipalities
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Hospitals
  • Pre-manufactured buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Strip malls

Commercial Construction

The Sweetlund Group puts world-class expertise to work in our green building design and construction process.

A premium is placed on energy conservation and carbon reduction. The merits of designs that have higher initial costs but lower operating costs over the life of the property are also considered. The Sweetlund Group compares all suitable alternatives during the planning phases to determine which choices are the most efficient.

The experience, knowledge and skills The Sweetlund Group applies to each project remains even after the transfer of a property has taken place. In every aspect of the work, The Sweetlund Group takes great care to protect the environment as well as benefit people, companies and communities.